Sunday, September 2, 2007

Well the Skroski Clan has decided to get with the program and start a BLOG page. We are beginners at this, so please bear with us!!!!!

Labor Day weekend is here and John is thrilled that his busy Summer has come to an end. The girls and I on the other hand, could use a few more days of fun and sun at the Beach. At any rate School starts on Tuesday and Christine and Madeline have their First day outfits/School Supplies in order. Christine will be a big Fourth Grader this year and Madeline will be in Second Grade. Both of them will have their same Teachers from last year as they do the "looping" program at their school. They both love their Teachers as do we, so we're looking forward to hopefully a good School Year. Caroline will be staying home another year with John and I. She'll do PreSchool next year. We are excited that our Summer Babysitter, Jen has agreed to do one day a week this year to take care of Caroline while I sleep after one of my Night shifts. The girls absolutely love Jen and she is going to Nursing School (great career choice) evenings so it will work out great!