Saturday, October 31, 2009

A Few Reasons why we love going to Camp!

Visiting with Family the Sunday after the Reunion!

Visiting in Greenfield with Mom and Grandma

Girls with Great Grandma Burek

This Dog (Xavier) is HUGE, but extremely friendly

Mom , I want a Golf Cart for our House!
Dad with Chris and John
Fun in the Hotel Pool
Visiting Dzadiu
This is the last picture we have of the barn that is no longer there!
It has been torn down and will be the future place of Chris and Melanie's
New home.

The Skroski Family Reunion!

We went to the first Skroski Family Reunion August 15th at John's cousin Don and Ellen's home in Whately Mass. What a wonderful time we had catching up with everyone! Here are some of the fun facts we learned:
** The Reunion took place at the original Skroski homestead that was built in 1909. This is where John's Great Grandparents Frank and Helen raised their 7 children, one of which was John's Grandfather William. So that mean't we were celebrating 100 years of Skroskis in Whately, Mass.
** Frank and Helen each came over to the US separately from Poland and met in New York City.
** Out of the original 7 children, 5 of them had children and all of those five had children representing them at the Reunion. Aunt Wanda is the only one of the original 7 that is still living and she looks wonderful.
** The name Ellis Island assigned to Frank Skroski originally was Skrodsky - apparently that was the way his name sounded in his native dialect.
There was lots more that we learned!! Thank you Don and Ellen for hosting such a great event !
Wow look at the whole Clan!
John with his Dad, Cousin Ed and me

The sign and the original Home.

Fun Tractor Rides with this 1959 Treasure
Brothers with spouses - I think I was telling Christine "Just take the picture"

John and his Dad
Georgeann entertained the kids quite nicely
with Golf Cart and Tractor Rides.
They even went to visit the Alpaca Farm that Georgeann helps out at.
Skylar and Caroline having fun in the Pool
Chris and Melanie, almost celebrating their 1 year Anniversary

Christine and Helena
Maddy and Skylar having a blast in the Sand Box
Charlotte and Alexandra- this seesaw was awesome!
A Great Picture of Aunt Charlotte and Uncle Ed!

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Peter and Stacey's Wedding!

My cousin Peter finally found the Women of his dreams! He and Stacey were married on June 20th at the Grace Episcopal Church in New Bedford, MA. This is the same church my Grandparents were married in and my Aunt and Uncle (Peter's parents). It also sits across the street from the house my Mom grew up in! It was a beautiful Wedding! The Reception was held at Wilbur Point under tents in the front yard of the Cottage. John and I had the whole weekend without kids :) - it was a great getaway for us! We are so happy for Peter and Stacey - Congratulations!

Caroline turned 5 May 24th!

I can't believe my baby is now almost 5 and a half! John and I often talk about how fast time flies by. Caroline's Birthday was lots of fun. We had a cake and presents from us on her actual Birthday and then had a friend/family Birthday party on May 31st. The theme for her party centered around bugs! We had a Bug Hunt in the back yard, Pin the bee on the flower, face painting, etc. It was lots of fun and a great time to catch up with everyone :) Unfortunately towards the end of the party John completely wiped out while playing Wiffle Ball, sprained his ankle and had to go to the ER! A Birthday Party that will never be forgotten :)