Sunday, June 7, 2009

February Happenings!

In February, Christine turned 11!!! We celebrated her Birthday in New Hampshire at a hotel we stayed in. We were down there for a Karate Tournament- she also ended up having a cake at home too. We decided not to do a "friend" Birthday this year for Chris, much to her Chagrin- To make it fair we've decided that we will take every one's 11th Birthday off from Friend B-day parties- At any rate it was fun to celebrate in a hotel and go in the Pool when the weather was in the mid 20's outside-

These are pictures of the Karate Tournament Christine and John participated in. The Tournament was at Franklin Pierce College and it was Christine's first time competing. They both took 2nd place for Forms- it was pretty exciting!!!

Grandma Burek turned 86 the same day as the Tournament, so after we drove to Greenfield, MA and celebrated her special Day with her and John's Mom! We went out to dinner and had cake later at her Apt. She looks GREAT at 86 doesn't she?!!!!!


February also brought a ton of snow! We lost power at one point for about 3 1/2 days! We heated our house with our gas fireplace, heated water on the stove to have hot water, put our refrigerator items on the deck in coolers- We were in survival mode! On day 3 we took the kids to a community pool for some fun, but also for showers!

John also celebrated a birthday in February- he turned the big 37!!!It's become tradition that I make Grandma's Chocolate cake for Birthdays. It's a recipe that Grandma Burek has made for years and is so delicous - It's actually the recipe on the back of Hersey Cocoa! This cake is usually gone within a day at our house and John's Birthday was no exception this year.

We had a Ward Game Night at church which was fun. We played board games, ate snacks etc. We showed the slide show that we were suppose to show at the Christmas dinner- It was a Year in Review for our Congregation and Lisa Guerrette did an Awesome job putting it together-

We went out and spent a night at Betsey and David's and caught up with some of our Kingman cousins- Bruce, Erin and kids who were visiting from Cape Cod. It was great to see everyone and we put on quite the "Rock Band". I think we performed "Living on a Prayer" better then Bon Jovi ever could (LOL).

February also brought a "Friend Reunion". We met up with 4 of my oldest Friends and families at Cocoa Key Water Resort in Danvers Mass. It was a fun filled weekend and great to catch up with everyone!