Thursday, January 29, 2009

CPR on the last remaining Gerbil!

So it's about 2:20am and I am working, actually taking a little break at this time, so thought I'd update the Blog a little bit. Last evening, John went to put a empty Paper Towel roll into Mackenzie's (Christine's Gerbil)cage and found her to be cold, but still alive and barely moving. We think maybe she has had a stroke because she isn't really moving one of her legs. Christine is bound and determined to save her Gerbil's life so she was doing CPR on it before I left for work. She was so excited, because it actually revived for a little while. Last I talked to John at 10:20pm, the Gerbil is still alive, but still very sick...... I tried talking John into possibly putting it out of its misery but he's such an animal lover, he can't do it. All I can say is that I really hope that Mackenzie has passed on to a better life before I get home in the morning. She lived a good life, but now it's time for her to join her sister (Jasmin)....... I'm wondering how do we have a proper Burial for Mackenzie when there is 3 feet of snow on the ground?????? Any suggestions?????

Crazy Caroline!

We have some pretty funny conversations with Caroline- Thought I'd share a couple We have had lately-

Caroline: "Mom, did you know I know someone from Washington?"
Me: "No Caroline, who do you know from Washington?"
Caroline: "You know the guy on the back of the Dollar Bill, he's from Washington"
Me: "You mean George Washington"
Caroline: "Yeah Mom, I told you I knew someone from Washington"

Caroline: "Mom do you think next time I can have pink eyes?"
Mom: "What do you mean by next time Caroline"
Caroline: "You know when I get a makeover"
Me: "You mean pink eyeshadow?"
Caroline: "No Mom I mean I want my eyes to be Pink"
Me: "But Caroline I love your Blue eyes"
Caroline: "Well actually I want one to stay Blue and one to be Pink"

A couple days after the Presidential Inauguration, out of the blue Caroline emerged with this tidbit of info that we were totally unaware of (ha,ha,ha)

Caroline: "Dad, did you know we have a New President"
John: "Oh really Caroline"
Caroline: "Yeah Dad, it's Barack Obama"
We're so happy we have such an informed 4 1/2 year old!

Friday, January 9, 2009


We had a nice quiet Christmas this year. Christmas Eve we had our traditional Polish meal. Kielbasa,Perogis etc and then headed to the Congregational Church in town for their Candlelight service. We had never been to a Christmas Eve service as our church normally has their Christmas service the Sunday before Christmas. The Congregational church is 206 years old and has so much traditional New England character. We know the Pastor of the church and he read the kids a neat story during the service. The kids thought that holding the candles was pretty cool, John and I were just trying to make sure that they didn't light anything/anybody on fire (ha,ha,ha). I was disappointed that I was on my 2nd week of Laryngitis and couldn't really sing any Christmas Carols.....At any rate it was a neat service where we were able to worship with people from town and remember the true reason for the season, Jesus Christ. The kids slept till 7AM Christmas morning!!!! It was great! We opened gifts had a big breakfast and spent most of the day in our PJ's- it was so relaxing. One of the best gifts I received was not having to go into work Christmas night as the census on our Unit was really low- Thank you Cardiac Patients! We watched the movie "Elf" Christmas Evening and laughed hysterically- it is such a funny movie! All in all, it was another wonderful Christmas.