Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Another year gone without Blogging.........Here's a copy of our 2010 Christmas Update that we enclosed in Christmas Cards-

Merry Christmas!
2010 Skroski Family Updates
Caroline: Age 6 and in the 1st Grade. Played Soccer this Fall and loved spotting and identifying Birds while out on the Field.She Started Tae Kwon Do this Fall, enjoys being in her big sisters class and having John as the instructor. One of the big highlights this year for Caroline, is that she is in the early stages of reading and doing really well! She’s also writing and came home recently with a paper asking, “Something special about me is” Caroline wrote, “I’m a Human”. Gotta love those 1st grade answers.

Madeline: Age 10 and in the 5th Grade. Loves doing Back handsprings in a Tumbling Class she started this Fall. Progressed from the Clarinet to the Trumpet in the School Band and enjoys singing in the School Chorus. Received a Ripstick for her Birthday and can often be found Ripsticking around our center island in the kitchen (which can sometimes drive Mom crazy). Spent her first week away from home with Chris at a 4H Camp in Western Maine where they both became certified in Water Safety.

Christine: Age 12, in the 7th Grade and now in the Middle School The transition has gone well and she just received an award for being “Student of the Month”. Chris loved playing Lacrosse in the Spring and Field Hockey this Fall. Continues to play the Alto Sax and plays in 3 Bands (7th/8th Grade, Jazz and a community B Band). First year in the Young Women’s program at church and really enjoyed her first experience at Girls Camp this Summer.

Kadi: Trying to keep up! Excited to have 2 weeks off from work,
First time to have the full week before Christmas off since she became an RN 14 years ago. Had a brief stint of Lyme disease in June, but thankfully caught it early and has no lasting effects. Kadi enjoys serving in the Relief Society at church and helps with the school PTO when she can. One of Kadi’s highlights for 2010 was having the whole family climb Aziscohos Mountain while on vacation at Camp.

John: Continues to love teaching Tae Kwon Do. He was excited to bring students to 2 different tournaments and also went with one of his students to a weekend TKD Camp in New York. Hoping to Test for his Black Belt in 2011 if his heal stays healthy. Gets his stress out by harvesting wood- we have yet to turn on our oil heat this winter, thanks to all his work out in the woods. Just completed his 9th year at his job and enjoys serving the people of Phippsburg. Turning the girls into Fishing enthusiasts and caught everything from Pike to Salmon this Summer.

Pets: Autumn our Golden Retriever has definitely entered her Senior years. She’s 14 (98 in dog years) and needs to be carried up and down stairs. She still eats, drinks and loves attention. Max the cat is the fair weather cat who hates to go outside in the cold. He can often be found harassing Callie (the new Fancy Hamster) and we’re sure to keep the cage cover on tight. We’ve inherited a double pawed stray Cat that we’ve named Melon. Thankfully Melon stays outside and is just happy to be fed.

We hope you are all enjoying this wonderful time of year that we have to celebrate The Saviors Birth. May the true spirit of Christmas be with you always!

With Love-
John, Kadi, Christine, Madeline and Caroline