Monday, April 21, 2014

Skrosk Family Updtes 2013

Skroski Family Updates 2013 Caroline- 9 and in 4th grade. Caroline started playing the Clarinet, loves to sing and just performed a Duet to the 2nd verse of Deck the Halls at the school Holiday concert. . Active kid with Rec Basketball (currently), Tae Kwon Do and played Field Hockey in the Fall. Performed Jazz Ballet and Tumble pieces at her Dance Recital in June and hopes to begin Dance again soon. Caroline has quite the sense of humor and is often trying to pull pranks on fellow family members  Madeline-13 and in 8th Grade. Recently earned the Triple A award at school (Attitude, Achievement and Attendance). Braces came on for Maddie in March and should come off in 2014. She still plays Trumpet in the Jazz and 7th/8th grade band. Attended our church Girls Camp for the first time and had another great Field Hockey season. One of her Big Highlights for Maddie was when she went to the One Direction concert in June- Kadi and the girls went with a couple friends and it was loads of fun Christine- 15 and in 10th Grade Is DRIVING! Has her Permit and hopes to go for her license in Feb or March. She continues to be busy with Early Morning Seminary, Debate Club and Field Hockey. Played Tennis in the Spring and enjoyed it. Went to an Especially for Youth church conference at UMASS in July and loved it! Kadi picked some of the Youth up and enjoyed being back on campus and pointing out quite a few of the landmarks from “way back when”  Kadi- Finds that there is never enough time to get everything accomplished that she “needs” to. Top job is “Mom” and “Taxi Driver” these days. Working 2-3 twelve hour shifts a week still, now in her 12th year at MMC. Committee work keeps her busy- whether it’s the Elementary School PTA or Scheduling at work. She is now the Relief Society Pianist at church and is thankful for the patience that the ladies in the Congregation have shown-YIKES- those skills really need to be sharpened! John- Completed 2 classes, Police Ethics and a Digital Photography class and is 1-2 classes away from getting his Bachelor’s Degree . He is still busy at work as always. In his 9th year of teaching Tae Kwon Do for our Rec Department. Thoroughly enjoyed the second year of being a boat owner, whether boating on the Kennebec River, Sebago Lake or on Aziscohos Lake at Camp- always loads of fun and great medicine for Stress relief! John recently started being an Assistant Coach for Caroline’s Basketball team and loves it. He is having surgery on January 2nd to remove the rod in his leg- YAY! Our Big Family highlight for 2013 was our trip to Florida in February! It was a fun filled 8 days- 3 days of Disney and 5 days of other fun- (Universal, Cocoa Beach, Orange Picking and just plain relaxing)! We hope you are all doing well and enjoying the wonderful Christmas season  We are truly thankful for each one of you and how you have touched our lives! With Lots of Love, The Skroski Family

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